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شارع الصحابة 8412  ـ اليرموك 

الرياض 13243 - 3869

Working Hours
Sat-Wed 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM
                4:00 PM to 10:00 PM
Thursday 9:00 AM to 2:30 PM 
 Friday: Closed
Contact us through different kinds of communication
Landline: 011-240-9000    
+966 537100066  +966 508838858
+966 550356065  +966 557200066
+966 558789529  +966 551564111
+966 570690268  +966551549444
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يرحب بكم

We look forward to helping you with different communication methods
Our Vision

We strive to provide community service in the field of human resources with the best standards and quality in a modern way. In the field of manpower recruitment, we are able to provide distinguished human cadres for different sectors according to the needs of our customers.

Communication Services


We use all modern means of communication to help our customers complete the application process and follow it using social networking sites on Facebook and Twitter. We always serve you through our Customer Service Desk number during our time

Information Security

We use the methods of modern methodology to save customer data through a private database and secure our office to be immune from all methods of piracy


The best and quickest recruitment services at the best prices with Orient Recruitment

Transparency and credibility in all our operations

About Us

Al-Sharq Recruitment Office Commercial Registration No: 1010468748 Authorized by the Saudi Ministry of Labor and included within the approved offices at the site of the support of domestic labor. The East Recruitment Office aims to provide workers more easily and systematically, while providing clients time and ensuring employer and employee rights. The Middle East Recruitment Office provides quality service and expertise in all areas and in record time to meet the satisfaction of our customers

About Us

Contact Us

8412 Alsahaba St - Yarmouk neighborhood
Al-Riyadh 13243 - 3869


Landline: 011-240-9000

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